Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Parkland Walk - Crouch End - And The SPRIGGAN!

I started my walk at Upper Tollington, and made my way up the steps and across the bridge.....

Looks like an adventure playground for the Crouch End kids.....

Plus a mini skate park!

I thought i could hear a rustling noise.....

Is something behind me???

Oh No......... Its The Crouch End Spriggan!!!

Here is a creepy video, just to give you a feel of the place.......

Then i caried on my walk to the old railway station.

As you can see, the platform is still here.
Which is great as the station closed in 1954.

A closer look at the edge of the platform.

A couple of photos of me enjoying the view.....

Time to go up the stairs to the main road!

View of the station from the top of the stairs.
A view of the Crouch End entrance to the old railway station.

The Crescent Cafe! I went in for a nice coffee (it was only 80 pence).

Here is a video of the old Crouch End train station!

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